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QFJ-A high-speed cutting machine
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QFJ-A high-speed cutting machine 
Proname:QFJ-A high-speed cutting machine 

the equipment is widely used in composite materials, copper and aluminum foil roll, thin film, paper, Material slitting, cutting, rewinding.

Applicable product/industry applications:
cable material, soft package material and insulation material,aluminum foil and copper foil,PET film, cotton paper, mica tape, polyester film, aluminum-plastic composite membrane, paper-plastic composite film, aluminum plating Film, foil, aluminum foil paper, from type paper, specialty paper, etc.

Performance and features:
the device USES Germany Siemens PLC control system, 10 "touch screen,Ultrasonic automatic correction, three sets of Japan yaskawa vector inverter together with the Taiwan teco inverter is special Machine, air-cooled magnetic powder brake control of cutting process closed, rolling automatic tension, to rice Moving slowing down, rollto small roll diameter automatically slow down, automatic calculation and roll diameter,Plus or minus tolerance within 1 mm in diameter.Winding way as the center surface coiling and uniaxial rewinding,A scroll with tile type inflatable shaft or mechanical shaft, cutting and using upper and lower cutter disks, cutting and wideDegrees by aluminum spacer adjusted.The system adopts the high reliability of electrical components, simple circuit, easy to maintain, and high degree of automation,Easy to operate.

Feeding way (optional) :

1. Scroll rotary feeding way
2. The axial hydraulic automatic feeding way
3. No axial hydraulic automatic cone clamping feeding way

Main Specification:

Machine speed
0-300 - m/min
Put a roll of width
The tube core diameter
According to the demand for matching
Put a roll diameter
According to the customer ordering raw materials diameter
Winding diameter
Less than 650 mm
Cutting width
Adjust the cutting width can be arbitrary
Cutting tool Straight knife and upper and lower circular knife (optional or gm)